Serving Size: 4 People February 2022

Toad Margaritas

Adapted from Azura Kai, Feb 2022, La Paz, Mexico

This recipe is so simple, and so good. The key is fresh limes and following the proper portions. I prefer the larger limes (size of a lemon) because they are easier to squeeze. The small (golf ball sized) limes are stronger in flavor, but it takes a bunch of them to make a batch. We once used 38 of the smaller limes for a batch of Margaritas for 4 people.

The measurements for this recipe is based on “units”. The size of the “unit” depends on how large the batch of Margaritas you are making. For one person you could use a shot glass for the “unit”. For a group of 4-6 the “unit” might be a cup. For a really big group it could be a 750 mL bottle.


2 Units of fresh squeezed lime juice

2 Units of Controy, or some other orange liqueur. (Triple Sec, Covassier, etc,)

3 Units of Tequila

1 Unit of Agave Syrup (Note: Use the light agave syrup, not dark)

Pour all into a shaker and shake it with a few pieces of ice to help mix the goodness. Serve over ice, with or without salt on the glass rim.

Examples: For two people, (with enough for a smaller second round) the unit size is 50mL.

  • (2) 50 mL units (100 mL) lime juice
  • (2) 50 mL units (100 mL) Controy
  • (3) 50 mL units (150 mL) Tequila
  • (1) 50mL unit (50 mL) of Agave

Hint: You can mix the entire batch in a large measuring cup and pour it into the shaker. First add 100 mL of lime juice to the empty measuring cup, then add Controy until the liquid level is 200 mL. Add tequila until the liquid reads 350 mL, and add agave until it reads 400 mL.